Terms of Affiliation

By becoming an affiliate you agree to the following terms:

You are an independent business/person that refers potential customers to our website.

You will only receive a commission on sales associated with your affiliate account if you adhere to the terms of this agreement.

Compaticheck.com seeks to promote a quality and wholesome image. Promotional efforts on your part will not detract from our desired image.

In order for sales to be associated with your affiliate account your referral code must be received in directing the customer to our site and the customer must sign up on that visit, or the customer must identify you as the promoter of our site at the start of membership.

Referral codes are sent from your website to ours as part of a GET operation. You may only have one referral code. This code is displayed in your account information.

You may not be part of a group that uses the same referral code.

Commissions are earned one month after the date a customer makes a lasting payment. A lasting payment is one whose revenue is not taken away for any reason to include but not be limited to fraudulent use of credit cards, insufficient funds, and refunds.

We use PayPal to send your commissions to the email address you have provided and will follow their procedures to make the money transfers. You must follow their procedures to receive the money.

Commission payments start after the month you have earned five commissions and will continue to be made after each month you have earned five commissions.

You must earn five commissions each year or your account will be terminated. If you have unpaid earnings they will be sent the month after termination.

Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the net revenue over $1.00. Net revenue is the payment amount received less money costs (e.g. PayPal fees).
The current commission rate is:
50% for the first 10 paid customers per month
65% of the next 20 paid customers per month
60% of the next 30 paid customers per month
65% of the next 40 paid customers per month
70% of all additional customers per month

There are no protected areas so you may be competing with other affiliates. While we rely heavily on affiliate advertising Compaticheck may also advertise which might have the affect of competing with you for commissions.

You must provide a means through the Internet where we may easily view all of your methods of promotion upon request. Acceptable means include a working website address on which our site is promoted; jpeg files of visual advertisements, MS Word or PDF files of printed advertisements, flyers, etc.; audio files of any audio advertisements; video files of any video advertisements; and MS Word documents outlining conversation plans or scripts for person to person communication. You may be required to submit these for verification and must do so within 30 days to retain the right to earn commissions.

We seek to maintain your privacy and will not provide your email address to others.

You will only maintain one occurrence of an Affiliate which will be an accurate and verifiable representation of your company or yourself.

You will not engage in any activity to compete with the service of this website.

Your website may compare our website to other survey sites in a fair and accurate manner offering impartially displayed links to allow the customers to choose.

You will not engage in any activity to compromise the functionality or security of this website or the privacy of its members.

You will not engage in any activity to receive the commissions that other affiliates or marketers (including Compaticheck.com) deserve.

These Terms of Affiliation may be superseded by revisions made at any time, notice of which will be posted on our site by means of a changed version date. Continued directing people to our site after any revision shall serve as your full agreement.

Should you object to any term or condition of these Terms of Affiliation, any practices of Compaticheck, any subsequent modifications of these terms, or become dissatisfied with Compaticheck.com in any way, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue your account and request payment of any commissions due you.

If we feel you are not adhering to the Terms of Affiliation we may restrict your use, or cancel your account at any time and without notice. Compaticheck is the sole judge of what actions adhere to the these Terms of Affiliation.



You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Compaticheck, its officers, employees, agents and third party associates for any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses connected in any way with your use of the website.

The Terms of Use may be superceded by revisions made at any time with notice being either a new revision date by the Terms of Use link, an announcement upon login, or an email sent to your email address on record. Continued use of the site after revision shall serve as your full agreement.

This agreement and our business relationship shall be governed by the laws of the State of Michigan.

This constitutes the entire agreement between you and GBSchultz LLC (previously referred to as Compaticheck.com or Compaticheck).

Agreement Version August 17, 2015.