There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.

Discover if your date is the right one for you!

It does not matter if you find your date online, at singles gatherings, in church,
at the mall, introduced by a friend, or however it happened, we can help you!

Our research-based survey can help detect matches or mis-matches in areas that can
help you decide to get serious or keep looking.

Fill out the on-line survey, have your date (Guest) complete theirs, and then we will
provide you with a 7-page Compaticheck Report for you to consider. The report will
list specific questions to ask your date, critical areas you need to discuss, plus
much more! Similar surveys would cost up to $95 but you can take this at your
convenience and receive your personalized report for only $14.95!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

This survey will offer you assistance in one of the most important areas of your life.
It will help you discover more about your date in a shorter period of time. If it is
not going to work out, wouldn't you rather know it sooner? If you think this one is
a keeper, wouldn't it be helpful to get some validation now?

We have used research from major universities, psychologists, and marriage counselors
to devise an online survey that can assist you in selecting just the right mate. You
could pay $45 to $95 for someone to score a similar survey, but through the economies
of our online interactive approach you can receive your 7-page report for only $14.95!
And should your guest not be the one, since you have taken the survey your answers
may be used to compare with other guests for only $5.95 each additional time.

What This Is
This is a 445 question personality survey to help you decide if you and the person
you are dating (or planning to date) are compatible. It is based on research of:
» Qualities of Successful Marriages
» Qualities Of Strong Resilient Families
» Premarital Predictors Of Marital Success
» Psychological Research
» Proven Dimensions of Compatibility
» Good Marriages

What This Isn’t
This survey is not a simple personality profile or a free and/or fun enticement to get you
make some kind of purchase after you have entered your responses. Our total cost
is announced up front, just $14.95 for one quality Compaticheck Report or only $19.95
for one year of quality personality comparisons.

Let’s Do It
So if you already have a certain someone in mind and are serious about researching
your compatibility with them, or if you would like to prepare in advance for a
quality comparison, this survey is for you.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards.
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